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FaZe ILLCAMS - Episode 42 by FaZe MinK

FaZe ILLCAMS - Episode 42 by FaZe MinK

FaZeClan was created by FaZe House Cat Or Timid in 30 may 2010. FaZe was taken over by FaZe Temperrr which is now the leader of Faze with FaZe Cbass. FaZeClan upload 5 different series and and their players episodes and have over 800 thousands subscribers. The 5 series is FaZe ILLCAMS, FaZe Teamtage FaZe Top 5 Trickshot, FaZe Montage and FaZe Best of the Month. They are sponsored by ImagineCustoms and they have their own website where you can buy Faze t-shirts and other cool FaZe stuffs.

FaZeClan are Xbox only. There is no PS3 team, no '2nd gen' of FaZe, or any other division.

they have a roster with 43 players.

Click at this link to see the roster

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