SoaRSniping is The 4th biggest clan in Youtube and is created by SoaR Above in 7 March 2011. SoaR Above is still the leader of SoaRSniping with the Co-Leader SoaR banks.

SoaRSniping upload 2 different series and and their players episodes and have over 100 thousands subscribers. The 2 series is Soaring in style who is a Killcam episode and SoaR top 5.

Soar is sponsored by .

SoaR have an editing and GFX Team

They have a big roser with 45 player too see the roser click at the link here

SoaRSniping is just a trickshot team and are invite only.
SoaRing In Style! - Episode 38 - By Ninja

SoaRing In Style! - Episode 38 - By Ninja


SoaRSnipings Logo

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